Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fictional Sense

The world we live in constantly widens the context in which we operate. For instance, we just got introduced to the thought that all things could be true (or false) if you explain that facts you use are alternative. That will most definitely allow you to bend outcomes and possibilities far outside the norm. 

I do not consider this to be a new trend. It is kind of like most of the religious concepts in practice. You start with an unproven premise and call it true. The succeeding logic becomes true as long as the premise is not challenged. Fictional sense is kind of like that. It provides the context within which outrageous and unpopular opinions can pass the test of reason.

In a way, it is just me trolling the world on twitter. But I find it to be useful to describe a lot of the observations I have made. Otherwise, I will end up arguing with a lot of people for reasons I may struggle to point out when I could easily appreciate the dynamics that form diverse mind models. I do this to allow for a less confrontational approach to discussions because frankly, discussions are more rewarding to me than arguments.

So it may not make sense, but it could make sense if.... 

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