Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EveRy sinGLe Guy sHOulD knOW WHAT a giRL is THinkInG

By discoandrea
This week I learned an amazing lesson from a young woman. I have to say that this gives the women away but in the best possible way....

Kindness attracts women but a great heart keeps them.

Being suave catches women's attention but being responsible convinces them.

Being tight-fisted irritates women but overwhelming love weakens them. 

The 'girl' in every woman glams out occasionally but your ability to handle this  is a man's truest maturity.

Women have secret struggles and silent pains; if you ever find them you would have exhibited the greatest maturity for a man.

In the long-run your 'good heart' matters more to a woman than your 'pocket'.

So invest the right amount of kindness. 

Earn a woman's love and she will consider you the standard for her heart. 

Learn to mould the moods of your woman.

Women will naturally give you their futures if they can recall your kindness in yesterday's issues.

Men are everywhere but KINGS are scarce; let the King in you come alive and she will hold you in high esteem.

I probably need more of all these....any help?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pray Tell

You left no messages on my phone today
Things changed too fast I don't know what to expect ANYMORE
The colors fade to a sullen grey
When I think of all the sparks that ignited me then

Pray tell, where are you in my world
Have you moved on to the next one yet
Oh say, how are you
Have I left no mark in your world

Bad things happen to even the finest of men
Hearts break in countless pieces
If you'll come back to me please say when
Cos alive with you is the best thing ever

See love has to be fought for
Through dark tunnels we must find our way

You can't make a fool of your own heart
Love is stronger than both you and I

If you lay down your pride
You'll find the sweetest of love
But if you never come back
I'll know something better is coming my way