Monday, September 15, 2014

Freedom or writing, same thing...

I was going to start by asking how I got here. But I know very well how I got here, so there is no point bullshitting anyone. That's another thing, I swear a lot, most times in my head. I am very violent too, in my head that is. There a lot of things that go on in my head and that may shed some light as to how I got here, being a writer I mean. See, in my head I can easily travel the full spectrum of human and well maybe some immortal personalities, but how are you gonna fit all that into social interactions? No, conventional wisdom (that fucker) dictates that we be as consistent as we can be with such things that can be used to identify us as personality. It helps the observer (pretty much anyone with an opinion about you) to place us in the portion of the spectrum they are familiar with and perhaps predict the most salient and expected outcomes. See, it provides some sense of security (mostly emotional) for them. And you on the other hand want to be accepted, and people you threaten natural do not accept you. Seems like a bad bargain for me, but that's just me, I have no urgent need to be accepted. I am fine being the lonely exception, one more evidence that makes me look upon conventional wisdom with contempt. 
As usual, I start off like I've got a subject matter then I watch myself fly into every direction possible. Hey, try and change me! Cos this is what I called freedom. That I can fully dish out a thought and communicate crystals of intellect that my mind harbors. I'll stay on conventional wisdom for a bit so that I can find myself the much overrated closure. See conventional wisdom is some trick by immortals to suppress the rest of us (I have to identify with you guys yo!). They throw a net over us and suggest clearly that we can't venture past the boundaries. A few people go past the boundaries but only a handful get more than the foreplay. Those guys are facing the greatest oppression from those immortals they look better than. I'll like to drop this here and get back to my original thing cos my thoughts are starting to train on immortals.
That is another thing. How exactly is it that I can say some of these things I do with some measure of conviction, I know that my expressions may take away their essence (they are purer in my head). And I do not even have any reference or facts to back them up. I'll just wait for them to materialize in this reality or a parallel one. Maybe knowledge might just be a continuum. The bible clearly states that there is nothing new under the sun, so I guess we are all in a circle of knowledge. What seems newly discovered is simply a deeper search into something that was already there.
I will hold my pen here. But just so we are clear, I was just writing for writing sakes, you know, to get my writing juices flowing once again, freedom it is called, I believe!

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