Thursday, September 1, 2016

Meet 'The Learner'

So I have not written here for a while and I miss that a lot. There are so many reasons why I have been avoiding this, but I can sum them all up in one word - 'Inadequacy'. What has changed that sent me running back here you ask? Lorrie Moore lend me the words to answer it best: “But that inadequacy, or feeling of inadequacy, never really goes away. You just have to trudge ahead in the rain, regardless.” 

So I have resumed the title of The Learner and that has helped me find the confidence to share my new blog posts. This new wave will have more than my thoughts. I have committed myself to learning everyday and I will be sharing as much of that as I can squeeze into these posts.  I will also be writing shorter posts to ensure that I only post what is important and make it easier for my readers to read.

In my next post, I will be introducing the learner to you. The learner has always been a part of me, and as I am maturing in every possible way, that part of me is becoming more and more relevant.

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