Monday, October 19, 2015


I woke up to an alarm that said 'Write'. I immediately felt the impulse to and I have to admit that it is the first time the alarm has worked since I set it some 5/6 months ago. Even though I can guesstimate when I set it, I cannot remember what motivated me to. Was it to hone my writing skills, build on them and improve by writing more random stuff? Or was it to write on my blog that always gets weird people reading from the ends of nowhere. I've always thought of my blog posts as an invitation for an alien abduction but some nosy humans happen to find it. Thankfully, I found a more private blog where I am sure only intelligent life forms can find. The point is not in being understood, but being found. And I think some aliens have found me from a planet far away in my head. They've landed their flying saucers on a rather contoured terrain - my brain, must have been one bumpy landing. Aliens could be that small. Maybe that is the reason why only NASA and some homeless people have interacted with them. Then again, they may not be the only kind that exist. There could be tons of variations that I cannot capture in my universe of a mind. Aha here's a good line.... it may be the reason why I write this: 

'The mind is a mirror into the universe'. 

I will not venture to explain further as most quotes are like that. Perhaps I will try to capture it more elaborately in a more extended effort. But I shall move on to other matters. Now that I think of it again, I am inclined to arrive at a less weirder explanation for that alarm. I could have set that alarm to commit to 1 hour of writing everyday as a moderately successful author once advised me. I don't know why I should take that advice seeing as I have no intentions of moderating my success when it comes. But I guess you take what you are given. Speaking of the success that I imagine myself having, I have been trying to write a book since I remember enjoying writing. I have tried a zombie apocalypse version of the Jos crisis (a rather mediocre plot that has suffered overuse), an espionage version of same (I am still into this idea) and a 'How I did it' story of my success as it is happening. None of this made it up to a chapter, although I have writing enough excerpts some 50 page long. But I think I will stay here and invite more aliens seeing as none of those hideous ideas can take me where I want to go. Now where to post it is the problem. I am drawn to think that the more targeted my posts are, the more my chances of being ignored by the most advanced aliens. They wouldn't want to contact the to-be abducted with the best alien PR. No I imagine the recruiter is looking for the most out of this world, yet normal individual on earth. So I will pretend to post it on my blog and sound as human as possible as I write every line. That makes me a more harder find, increases the thrill for the recruiter and may haps even bring me front of the line for the right abduction.

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