Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Justice Vs Political Correctness?!

Courtesy cartoonmovement.com
Is there any difference between Al Mustapha's case and George Zimmerman's? Of course they are from different worlds but I believe there is no Justice without righteousness. 

I will recommend Justice as humanity's greatest need and Political correctness as a social need. But who am I to compare both when they have been let down by the powers that be?  

I will rather compare Rationality Vs Truth in this case as the most recent happenings suggest, as opposed to Justice and Political Correctness. But before I move on, I must say that Political correctness has turned out to be the new Justice.

Now as we proceed, you will observe that the humanity that has kept us, well, human over our existence has been guilty of making the truth negotiable and the facts that point to reality, subjective. And subjectivity has been our greatest hindsight. Here I find myself suggesting that truth and reality are at war when the real truth is that both have been subjugated by us.

I twist words and weave concepts, but stay with me a while let us unravel some real truth together. One thing we cannot negotiate is that the truth that we hide will continue to cry out until righteousness is regained, we will not find justice. 

But in the end words remain words and our thoughts, only thoughts until we are bold enough to apply wisdom and understanding to our thoughts and action to our words. My only action now will be to remove the veil in your eyes so you can see that the real truth is that it is only righteousness that can bring about justice and justice, political correctness.

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