Monday, July 1, 2013

Mosquito Musings

They brought us to a place with a cute name, only no one cared to tell us the meaning of the name. We only got the cute name.
Until you came for the house warming party, and boy did you warm our house. You even had a theme song to go with. The song, all too familiar, was music from the sharpest violins, one too sharp for music notes.
Was it us you intended to entertain or yourselves? While we clapped our ears to your amusement, there was no stopping your high-pitched malignant choir.
But just as expected, that wasn't enough to satisfy you. That was just you celebrating the feast that was set before you. Yes all of this is for you and we are certainly not going to enjoy anything you bring. Because while we expected cookies and banana bread, all we had was that snack with a long name, what was it again? Plasmodium I think... all that for your pleasure only.
You drew the first blood before we even got introduced. And all hopes of courtesy were gone with the bite.You gave, as well as took everything we didn't want to have and everything we didn't want you to have.
And on it went, you making music and feasting on me all night. Taking a piece of my peace and drops of my blood unaccounted for. Oh you brought you sister too, and your aunt, and your grandma. Your entire clan, pretty much. And feast they did too for there was no stopping the music.
I got angry eventually and started asking questions. And the answers were pretty near. This is your haven, your den, your coven. Hence the name- Igbo Efon (the forest of Mosquitoes). This was a good time for me to ask the question 'why didn't i bother to ask the meaning in the first place or at least attempted to learn yoruba?'. I assumed that it was an Igbo settlement and you can't blame me for that. If anyone had told me what that name meant before I took the house, I would have been on the opposite side of the globe, heck I'd have been on another planet entirely.
Now we must live together. And if I must live with you, then I must fight to survive. And I found the ultimate weapon to fight with- a perfume with a lethal smell. And the circle of good for me, bad for you became complete. It filled the air and destroyed you and your kind. Soon after a little while there was silence, peace. No more applause for you and plenty of sleep for me.
But alas the spray cans became empty, and once again we got back to the beginning. I swore this time that it won't be the same. The hero in me had awoken, more willing to fight now than ever.
Blood for blood it was, a drop of mine for all of yours. although we would both agree that you have no blood of your own. This blood I am spilling is actually mine, but boy the joy of seeing you go down with it.
The killings were nothing short of brutal. If there was ever the right way to kill, I never learnt it. Smash! On the floor, on the door, on the wall, on any surface hard and small. I had you between my palms, clapped to the measly pulp you are! You looked so dead you gave it an appeal. And so came your clan. But my smashing to greet them was oh so swift.
I had won the battle, but the war still continues. And sing we shall " Blood for blood, a drop of mine, for all of yours".

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